bath towels

A towel plays an essential role in our daily lives; however, the part of towels becomes even more important in a hotel. It not only provides a feeling of comfort to the guests but also shows the emphasis of the hosts on hygiene and cleanliness. Elevate your hospitality with Dzee Textiles, offering premium bath towels and beach towels that not only enhance guest comfort but also signify our commitment to cleanliness and luxury.

Towels are of different types, but the most commonly used towels in the world include bath and pool towels, while beach towel is also a product in the category that is widely used by people who are staying at beach resorts.

The following article will focus on the differences between a beach and a bath towel and highlight why both are considered two different products in the towel category.

Bath Towels


A hotel actively looks forward to procuring the best quality bath towels for their guests. Hotels that are offering luxurious services seek to provide their visitors with an overall luxurious experience and use luxury bath towels for this purpose.


The material for producing towels usually contains 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Depending on the usage hotel bath towels are frequently used to provide the guests with a feeling of luxury and comfort; therefore, 100% cotton towels are used for bathrooms in hotels.


It is not necessary that every hotel offers luxurious offerings. Many times hotel supplies are procured in a manner that would maintain a balance between a hotel’s luxury services and its economic services. Hotels may seek to acquire 100% cotton towels to provide their guests with a feeling of luxury, but they may also seek to buy hotel bath towels that are created from a blend of cotton and polyester to have more durable items as a part of their hotel supplies.


Hotel bath towels are specially designed to withstand industrial-grade laundry. Durability is considered a vital trait for bath towels; often, polyester is added to the fiber to make these towels more durable. Hotel Collection towels made with 86% ring-spun cotton and 14% polyester fiber content are considered to have higher durability than other variants.


Hotel towels, especially bath and pool towels, are known for their higher number of absorbent properties. Hotel bath towels are known for being highly absorbent, the higher ratio of cotton fiber content present in them adds to this trait as cotton, by nature, is an absorbent material.


There are vital elements of hotel bath towels that many users or visitors are unaware of. Often guests do not realize that the soft and fresh white colored towel hanging in their bathroom was actively sought after and bought by the hotel to provide its guests with a sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

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beach towels
Beach or pool towels are essential in a hotel as they provide convenience for the guests staying at a hotel. Among all hotel towels, beach or pool towels stand apart, often due to their color and pattern.

While a common man may think that there is no difference between hotel bath towels and pool towels, a hotelier knows that both have their purposes.

Some traits of pool towels that set them apart from regular hotel towels include their size, color, and design.


Beach towel or pool towels usually have colorful patterns on them. The most commonly found pattern includes colored stripes either running horizontally or vertically on the fabric. These colors and designs are added to the towels to make them more suitable for outdoor usage.


Another main difference between pool towels and hotel bath towels is the size. A pool towel is usually bigger than a bath towel. Available in sizes ranging from 30 x 60 to 36 x 68, the bigger size of a pool towel allows a user to either wrap it around their body or use it to lay down to get a sun tan.


Pool or beach towels are designed and manufactured by keeping their usage in mind. They are made more durable due to the cotton polyester blend used as a fabric in the manufacturing.


Pool towels or beach towels are specially made to be fade-resistant. As they come in contact with chlorine in the pools, saltwater at the beaches, sun, and sand, they are made to be more resilient towards fading.

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To wrap it up, both hotel baths and pool towels are unique in their purposes. Both products are designed to meet the specific needs of the users while taking a bath or enjoying a day at the beach or pool. It is also essential to understand that both types of towels serve their purposes and that’s why they have developed into two major subcategories.