Step-by-Step Guide for Business Researchers to Perform Case Study

Case Study For Business Research

Picture this – you are having a great time, and so you plan to take a day or two off from school, to enjoy it with your friends. You are all ready to execute your awesome plans. All giddied up, you even packed your bags. How fun it is going to be!

But just as you were going to submit your leave, your tutor assigned you a case study! What a pain in the neck!

It is still a mystery to us how tutors know exactly when to assign a topic to ruin our plans perfectly. But unfortunately, not a single thing can be done now. Except for you to cancel your plans and conduct a case study. The gloominess!

And like the frosting on the cake, your tutor leaves for a trip the very next day. Perfect! Now you don’t even have anyone to direct you!

Why does this always happen? You can’t even wait for your tutor to come back to guide you because he will be returning a day before the deadline. It’s getting worse!

But worry not, because we are here as your guardian spirit. If you are worried sick to complete your case study we are glad to be of your service. To avoid the common pitfalls many researchers commit, we have given a step-by-step guide to help you complete your case study.

By reading this guide you will complete your case study perfectly and efficiently and in a minimum time. Therefore, you just have to postpone your plans instead of cancelling them. What a relief! Read below to gain an understanding of the methods of case study for business researchers.

Hold Your Horses, What is a Case Study?

You cannot submit an essay if you are asked to write a research paper, can you? Therefore, it is best to know what is expected of you before starting your assignment. So, what is a case study?

A case study is a form of academic research on a concrete and specific real-world subject. It allows the researcher to explore the implications of the case, its meaning, and its key characteristics. If you don’t know how to write an essay, let alone a case study, you can always seek help from online case studies and affordable essay writing service UK.

A case study in business research is designed to set forward guidelines along with structures. Thus, helping other researchers as well as students to improve their research in a rigorous and logical manner. It helps to highlight the differences between theory-oriented and practice-oriented research.

You can use one case study in which you research a subject in detail. Or you can carry out multiple studies to clarify different features of your research problem. Moving on to our next section, we have discussed in detail how you can conduct your case research expertly and in a timely manner.

Case Study Methodology for Business Researchers

  • Brainstorm Problem Statement & Research Questions

A problem statement is the opening move to conducting a case study in the business world. You must come up with relevant research questions and a problem statement prior to carrying on with your research.

Make sure to set a realistic time for each step and complete each one within the dedicated period. By doing so, you will be focused on your routine, and as a result, you will successfully complete your work in time. Avoid distractions as much as you can to ensure quality work.

  • Select a Case

After you are done with choosing a description and research questions, the next step is to choose a case you want to pitch in. Your case must be gripping enough if you want to get good grades. Make sure to choose a research case that helps you provide unexpected or new insights regarding the matter itself.

Moreover, if your case is strong enough, you can challenge the existing assumptions and give ideas to improve the issues. By doing so, your case study can help reveal new possibilities for further research in future. If you are clueless as to how to choose a case, let alone complete the whole research on it, we suggest you consult an online case study help UAE to assist you.

  • Build a Theoretical Framework

This type of research (case study) tends to focus on existing matters rather than general theories. But it does not mean that they are isolated to concrete facts only; they do have some relation to the theories as well. Make sure to integrate a theoretical framework into your definitive details to make your study more gripping.

There are certain ways you can blend theories into your study. For instance, you can demonstrate it by revealing how it elucidates your current investigation. Or you can challenge different theories by investigating an exceptional case that breaks the laws of traditional presumptions. Furthermore, one can also go into detail about a theory by exposing new ideas and concepts that require to be incorporated.

  • Collect Your Data

To make the most out of your case study, try to thoroughly understand your case and its context. You can use various research methods to collect sufficient data regarding your subject matter.

Case studies in business research focus on qualitative data using different mediums, including observations, other research, interviews, etc. You can also analyze primary and secondary sources (such as photographs, newspaper articles, official records, etc.).

However, it is not a universal rule to only focus on qualitative data. Quantitative data can also be collected for case studies in some cases.

  • Describe & Analyze the Case

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, it is time for you to analyze your case. Muster up all the relevant details to give your research a logical and perfectly wrapped-up image as possible.

Don’t shy away from adding more contextual aspects regarding your case. Set theory side by side with literature and iron out how your case study blends well with wider debates and patterns.

Final Verdict: Complete your Case Study for Business Research Efficiently

Summing it all up – Start with brainstorming your problem statement; after that, choose a case you want to focus on. Once you have successfully chosen a case topic, build a theoretical frame. It must identify different theories and key concepts to usher your interpretation as well as analysis. After you have built a theoretical frame, the final steps are to collect data and describe your case in depth. And voila! You are all done with your perfect business research case study.

If you were clueless about how to perform a case study, we are sure you are now all set to begin your journey to conduct a perfect one. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will have your research completed in no time. Thus leaving you plenty of time for yourself.